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Peawanuck has many community wide events such as fishing derbies, cree festivals, etc..

It is also accompanied by the Canadian Rangers, whom often use Peawanuck as a homebase and utilize the environment for training and related activities. However, these heroes come to aid anyone facing dilemmas such as being lost or stuck in the wilderness. They have helped many people caught in bad situations and have local community members part of the Canadian Rangers. The Canadian Rangers also have a junior program which provides training and a camp experience for youth.

Notable businesses include:

The Northern Store

Wild Wind Tours

Louie's Convenience Store

JLH3 Photography

Airport terminal.

Peawanuck band office.

Peawanuck is a Cree First Nation that is governed by a "Band Office' which essentially is a municipal government. It consists of several departments which assist in keeping the community functional. The community also has the essential amenities for a town, especially one that is mainly isolated. Examples include; Nursing Station, Elementary school.

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