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Photos by: Jason Hunter, Dorothy Hunter, Viola Hunter

Winter road workers on their way to build the Wapusk Trail

Located 30km from the coast of the Hudson Bay, Peawanuck is a First Nation that was formerly known as Winisk. In 1986, the town of Winisk which was located on the coast of Hudson Bay tragically flooded which resulted in the community's movement up the river to what is now called Peawanuck, which translates to "Flintstone".  The town was named Peawanuck after the flintstone that resides directly across the river.

Peawanuck's population consists of roughly 300 permanent residents, and 700+ registered band members. With many tourists and temporary residents. Peawanuck is located at the end of the Wapusk Trail. The Wapusk Trail is a winter road that holds a Guinness World record for being the longest annually constructed road.


Peawanuck is very isolated in terms of neighbouring communities and the only means of access is the Wapusk Trail during the winter, and a year-round airport.

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